Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stabbed To Soar

As I stood tall in my balcony, one of the highest places in our street, my heart was at its lowest point ever in my life. Yet another defeat, yet another damaged dream… was unbearable. My heart was “filled” with grief and my eyes with tears.

My anguish started to turn in to anger as I thought all about the defeats I have been through. Some body is working against me always I thought.

Somebody has always worked against me and spoiled my plan time and again.

As these thoughts saturated my mind I said to myself I will find him and put an end to him…..
So I started searching for that person……
Would he be my neighbor who always fights against me... ?
Would he be my friend who betrayed me…?
Would pastor who is always strict with his judgment against me... ?
Would it be my family members who knew all my plans and never encouraged me... ?
And the list went on……..but I couldn’t really figure out who it was…..
As I came back to my room, suddenly I found a person running out of my room…Since it was dark I couldn’t identify him….I began to run after him as he ran down the stair case down into the street. I caught hold of him after a desperate chase. He was masked.
Before unmasking him…I wondered who it was….
It was “ME MYSELF”……….Shocked???
Yes I myself was shocked.
Shocked as ever, I began to ask ME MY real SELF….
Are you the one who works on the mission of shattering my dreams??
Yes was the reply.
As light expels the darkness his ‘yes’ expelled my ignorance.

For the first time in my life I realized that My greatest plan of success can be destroyed by just one person ….’ME’…….I understood that nobody else can stop me from what I wanted to achieve except ME
I took a knife stabbed my greatest enemy ….MY SELF
Yes it was painful………..but never again it will…
He died and I began to “live really”………………………………………

Let Him Talk

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Grip of Grace

Hi Folks! New Year Greetings!!!

Oops! Just completed a giant leap over the year 2006. Let me take a deep breathe. When I turn back and see the past year “Oh what a mess”. Last year I have went through lots of sufferings, lots and lots of pain, lots of missed opportunities, lots and lots of backslidings. It took all my strength to leap over all these sorrows and pains. Oh what a messed up year it had been. It took me 365 days to realize what a year is all about. When I look out the positive side of the year, I amazed of my greater abilities to handle the pressure and people.
“Oh how I have managed my personal works”
“Oh how I have managed my official works”
“Oh how I have managed my ministry works”
By thinking the above I thought to pat myself. To do so, I tried to lift my hands and pat myself. Oh no! I can’t move my hands!! What’s going on? I looked down and around, it seemed my hands were bonded. Suddenly some one said to look up and I did the same.
A hand wounded by nails holding and lifting my hands. I shouted “who is this?”
I heard a voice “its My GRIP OF GRACE son”……. and the voice continued “I will never leave you nor forsake you”
At that moment, I realized it not my achievements, experiences, knowledge, wealth, self, which helped me to leap the last year. It is His sufficient Grace that made it possible.
I shouted back in Joy “Lord! Your loving-kindness is better than life”

Its true friends! Years may come years may go! But His Grace is sufficient for us every day in this New Year!!! Have a blessed New Year.

Let Him Talk

New Year Wishes!!!

“Don’t ask what the Lord will do for you this new year but ask yourself what you will do for the Lord this new year” the pastor repeated his statement in a soft but stern voice. These were the words that sank deep inside my heart at this New Year service. As these soft words became stronger and stronger, I really didn’t know what the Lord wanted me to do for HIM. When I said lord I don’t know what to do for you, He gave me this verse“Come and listen to My counselI’ll share My heart with youAnd make you wise”Yes the Creator wants to share his heart with his creation. Do you know the Lord longs to share His heart with you? He looks for someone who can share His burden. He is not looking for your ability but your availability. This new year make a decision to sit at his feet and listen to him. As you listen to him sharing his heart, you become wise because he has become our wisdom.
“Come and Listen” says the Lord……will you respond to his longing call??

Let Him Talk