Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Filled to Spill………..

I would like to bring to your focus a five letter word, which is everybody’s property. The proportions vary but the property is the same. It affects the person giving it and also the person receiving it. It never builds anything but breaks everything. It is so easy to give but hard to receive. It is easily kindled but hard to put down.
Any guess??…………. Ok let me give some more clues.
It is a strong expression of a weak character. ………..
Ok Ok I will tell u the answer... I can see u already yelling at me in ANGER……….yes the word I would like to bring to your focus is ANGER……

We always relate anger as a reaction to somebody else’s action…..well that’s not true. Let me explain that to you.

Take a glass and fill it with milk. Now tilt the glass. What happens?? (Question seems simple) Don’t be angry come on answer me……..Yes the milk spills down.
But why does milk spill out why not apple juice, stones, drainage water come out…..Come on don’t be angry answer me……..Well you are right…since the glass was filled with milk initially, it spills out milk when tilted.

It is true with ANGER….it is not because someone tilts your life you are angry but because you are filled with it. The word of God says “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.”

How true …whatever you store in your heart will come out. If you are filled with love no matter when others tilt, break, and push your life….all that will come out is love.
So whenever you get angry don’t say …bcoz he did that to me I got angry or bcoz they broke my heart I was angry but always remember that you ve still got anger that needs to be cleaned up.
Be filled with the love of God and u can only spill words and actions of love when you are treated badly….

Let HIM Talk

Friday, November 17, 2006

The Journey…

We all travel for some reason or the other. We travel to office, to shop, to relatives home, to see your loving grandfather, and some travel without any reason. In this busy fast moving world, traveling has become as normal as breathing. May be as you read this you say “Well, am old, I do not travel any more”. Well I do agree that you do not travel physically… but that doesn’t deny the fact that of your traveling spiritually!

Every one of us are just travelers on their journey on earth. You may ‘think’ I am settled on earth forever…… well your thinking doesn’t change the truth. But, you say I ‘feel’ the earth is my home……… well am afraid …… all I can say is don’t trust your feelings because your feeling change every day. But you can always trust the unchanging word of God, which says we are citizens of heaven!!! And we all need to go back to our homeland (heaven) through death’s doorway.

Well, now I can see you nodding your head in agreement. But, I also could hear some of you whisper… my travel is tiring and I feel like giving up.

Once I and my friend had to return home after attending a meeting. We had to board a train that will take us through a journey of 10 hours. As we came to the station, my thoughts of boarding the train derailed. The platform was already packed with people. I almost felt like dropping out the plan of traveling. I thought I ll stay back. As I was submerged in these thoughts I heard my friend crying out at me “Come on get into the train…we have to go home.” “HOME!!!” My heart rejoiced as I heard this four letter word. Even as I pushed aside the thoughts of staying back, I started pushing myself through the crowd, towards the train. And there I was in the train physically, but at home mentally. We just got two upper birth seats which were already occupied by 2 persons.

We had to adjust with those travelers. We couldn’t move or get down as our compartment was filled with passengers. Half way through, again I wanted to quit traveling. “Its tiring and its exhausting” I thought. But then, I received a phone call from my father. “We are all waiting for you” my father said. I told him how tiring my journey is and I felt like quitting. “Come home and take rest” my father reassured. Gripping on to his comforting words, I reached home. As I saw my father and other family members I never spoke about the tiring journey but instead we were enjoying our reunion. My tiredness, my pain, my frustration, and weakness were gone. Why? Absolutely true!! I was at HOME.

What a reflection of our heavenward journey!! So never give up in life. Though in life’s journey you ll have pain, frustrations, weakness… it all be gone as we reach our real HOME and we ll find permanent rest for our soul as we see our heavenly FATHER.

“Come home and take rest” says the FATHER.

So never give up ………Come let’s travel home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Let HIM talk

Friday, November 10, 2006

Hey Father; Can I Be Your Son!!

May the Mercy Lord
Deserve the greeting on the start,

My life was started as a ray
And now am in a bay
Cooking your sites through the system tray;

You knew my heart
Although sins filled it a lart
And now to be eradicated as sort;

My thoughts wore a dark weather
Thy called me to be on your nether
Fly now as of a feather;

Half attached two decades was I giggling
Unproperly mannered I still mingling
But I;; clearly protected in the heart of my sibling;

Your name ever meant the same
Ever there is a drown in the fame
In the follower's life of game;

Haa.... the biggest Daddy
Thy praises continue as the countless paddy;

Your plus indicates the positive
Thy presence in the worli be lucrative;

Heavenly Father, hold the shortened hands of this child
Coz my holdings may not be
---------------------------power-throning; instead mild.....

"Hey EARTHED sins, seek the glory in name of 'THE FATHER'

- Srinivasn V.M.