Monday, March 17, 2008

Back to Jerusalem

It was a journey of seven miles. But it seemed like 70 miles for the two. That was because they were disappointed and their hope was lost.
Haven’t you felt the same when you walked back to home after a failure? The road seems long. The path seems tough. You don’t run. You don’t even walk but you crawl. Yes the road of disappointment is long. When your only hope is crushed your walk seems tough.
That is what exactly happened to Cleopas and his friend as they walked along the road to Emmaus from Jerusalem.
Look at their face. They were sad and downcast.
Hear their words as they say “But we were hoping that it was He Who would redeem and set Israel free”
“They were hoping”. So now their hope is gone. So they started walking back to their old place from Jerusalem.
These two disciples were hoping that Jesus would save Israel, but when Jesus died, their Hope was gone. So from the protected, holy city of God, they walked down the path of disappointment to their old lives.
We all walk such road, isn’t it? One disappointment and we show our back to God. When our Hope is lost we start walking back the road of disappointment and we tend to go back to our old lives.
But this evening as I read this passage I saw what I didn’t see all these days.
As these disciples were walking back with shattered hope, they were not alone. Because the 15th verse tells us “Jesus Himself caught up with them and was already accompanying them.
Did you see that word? No? Ok one more chance...
Now read the sentence slowly
Jesus Himself caught up with them and was already accompanying them. (That word is highlightedJ)

Yes the Word is “Already”
Oh how wonderful is our Lord. He was already walking down the road of disappointment with them even before they saw him.
May be today the road that you are walking is tough, but remember He is “Already” walking with you. Not only He walked with them, but he changed their direction of journey. He changed their disappointing journey into a journey of Hope. Look at this verse “And rising up that very hour, they went back to Jerusalem”.
A few hours back they were walking away from Jerusalem, but after Jesus walked with them and talked with them they were walking towards Jerusalem.
A few hours back they were disappointed, but now they were filled with Hope.

Whatever may be the road you are traveling and whatever may be the distance you are away from the city of Hope, the One who walked still walks and the One who talked still talks. See Him and Hear Him. Your life won’t be the same again. Theirs weren’t.

Luke 24:15 And while they were conversing and discussing together, Jesus Himself caught up with them and was already accompanying them. (Amplified Bible)
Luke 24:33 And rising up that very hour, they went back to Jerusalem…

Let Him Talk

Monday, March 10, 2008


Well, I have read some where that for an article to be interesting; the first paragraph should be attractive.
But I really don’t know how to start this one. Well, I write whatever comes to mind. Should I write about Love or should it be on faith. May be I will write about grace of God. Since Good Friday is nearing we will learn about cross. Uhhh. I don’t know how it is going end. Hmmm I know we are going nowhere.
Thank you for reading without quitting. I was just joking. But I think I made my point. How would it be if I write an article with no clear purpose or clear Vision?
It would be a waste of time for both of us and you would be bored and you will quit reading. So how would be if we live a life with no clear purpose or Vision.
It would be a waste of time and you would be bored and you will want to quit life.
Where there is no vision, the people perish… this is a familiar verse from the bible for most of us. In other words without knowing the purpose of life we would perish.
How do you know the purpose of life?
Once I got a gift, which I didn’t know how to use. I didn’t know what it was meant for. I received so many comments on how to use it or what it was meant for. Most of the comments were wrong. So I read the instructions provided by the manufacturer on how to use it and what was it meant for. Only then could I enjoy the gift.
Life is a gift from God. Most of the times we don’t know how to use it. We don’t the purpose of our life. We get so many comments on what the purpose of our life is. Your purpose in life is to become an engineer. Your purpose in life is to earn more many. Your purpose is to ….. . Your purpose is to...
The comments go on. But only the creator knows why he created you. Only he knows why he created a particular passion in you. Only he knows why you were born in India. Only he knows why he gave you that particular job…ONLY HE KNOWS.
To know his purpose for you, you have to read the instructions. And when you start living according to His instructions or His WORD you start knowing the purpose of life and naturally fulfilling it.
Hence, to know your Vision, You must know His Word. And to know His Word, you must Know Him.
Where there is no vision, the people perish - Proverbs 29:18

Let Him Talk

Monday, March 03, 2008

Closed Doors...

Bang! Bang! Bang!
Have you heard the sound of door that closes? I believe every one of us have heard it. Many of us have been behind closed doors. Some of you are still behind one. Doors of guilt, doors of rejection, doors of hatred, doors of sickness, doors of broken relationships, doors of broken hopes and shattered dreams and the list never end.
You are shameful of the past and fearful of the future.
No joy. No peace. No hope. Closed Doors!!!
They are hard to deal and hard to heal. May be you tried to open them with your friends, with entertainment, with your soul mate, with your job, with your knowledge and you failed. (None of these keys suits)
I would like to turn your attention to a bunch of men who were behind a closed door. They lost their Hope. They were filled with fear. They were guilty.
Yes their King was crucified. Yes their loyalties were tested. Yes they ran from the One who was their Hope. They betrayed Him. They had a heavy heart. They couldn’t forgive themselves. They couldn’t face themselves. How could they face their Master?
Have you ever been there!
Roaring and bold like a lion Once, Scared of the roaring lion Now.
Running for God Once! Running from God Now!
Bang! Bang! Bang! And suddenly you are behind the Closed Door!

Lets come back to the those bunch of men behind the Closed door.
As they were there in behind the door, Jesus came in. The door was still closed. But Jesus still could come in. Not to condemn them, not to scare them (though they were scared), not to prove them they are guilty (though all was right to do), but to say “Peace be with you” or be at peace with God again because I taken away your sins!!
Today God enters your closed Door and pronounces these words to your trouble hearts “Peace be with you” because he is the Prince of peace.
No door can stop Jesus! Not even the door of Grave!!
Next time you see a closed door, let it remind you of the Carpenter who walks through it!!!

Let Him Talk