Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It is Christmas season again. The atmosphere is so intoxicating that we are so much captivated by the stars and angels, carols and cakes, and all the commercial trails that come with the season. These aesthetic additions that has gained more prominence in the recent centuries has more or less effectively eclipsed the reality of Christmas. Christmas is a joyous season, only for us. But let us go centuries back and walk the streets with Joseph, the caring carpenter. He knocks door to door, pleading that someone would just give a place to lay his fully pregnant wife. The doors are shut. There is so much desperation and agony for the husband to see his wife writhing in pain on a donkey. Somehow he rushes into an abandoned cattle shed and makes just enough space for Mary to give birth.

The Maker of the whole world, the Hands which flung stars into space is now slipping out into this sinful world in the bitter cold , into the arms of His heavenly Father. How true David wrote that Your hands held me when I came from my mother's womb. It was true that angels sang glad tidings of great joy, shepherds and wise man came and celebrated the baby Jesus. It was a prophetic proclamation. After the time they left it was not so wonderful and lovely for Joseph and Mary. There were no diapers, no milk powder there was stinging cold, the wailing mothers whose little sons were getting killed. No no it was not at all wonderful.

God chose a simple and a very poor family to send His only begotten Son. I think poverty is one of the most painful plight on this earth. A little child denied of her bread for lack of money, a small lad standing at the door of a school with eyes full of longing to learn. Poverty is surely very cruel. Jesus right from the place of birth suffered poverty. When Jesus was taken to temple his poor parents could only offer two turtle doves as a sin offering for their son, instead of a lamb.(And if the mother is not able to bring a lamb, then she may bring two turtle doves or two young pigeons- one as a burnt offering and the other as a sin offering. Leviticus12,8)

Jesus knows what it is to suffer, what it is to work hard to eat bread, what it is to be rejected even as a little lad and to suffer reproach. All the thirty three and a half years He lived as a Son of Man was not easy for Him. Very rarely He bares his soul and we catch a glimpse of His heart ache. With a faint smile Jesus replies, " Foxes have holes, birds have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head." He wanders homeless, misunderstood , rejected, abandoned, yet loved everyone of us with that same passion that made Him gladly bear the Cross.

Jesus Christ did not live this earth in luxury or did he ever attend any fabulous Christmas parties, but why today even Christians have made Christmas time a mere season of singing, giving and reveling. Jesus died to save us and be partakers of that Great Joy. If our Christmas would be only feeling good with singing, eating and visiting orphanages and graciously feeding Biryani, then somewhere we have missed Jesus Christ. Real Christmas is making Jesus happy and the whole heaven rejoices when a sinner repents. Do you know Christmas is the best time to reach the unreached? Instead of running round and round in our circles, let us reach our unreached brothers and sisters. Let us witness Christ being born in their hearts, that is real Christmas. Jesus is still walking homeless looking for a heart that will house Him. He is still knocking. Do you hear what I hear……?

Dear Jesus, be born in me, rest your head in my heart Lord. There is room in my heart for you Lord Jesus. Let my eyes be fixed on you and may my life be pleasing in your sight. Be glorified in my life this special season. Amen.

Laura, Trichy

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Echoes …what are they? They teach us an important lesson in life. Echo, to define it in simple words, is nothing but a reply that repeats what has just been said. Once I had been to a foot of a mountain. It was not my routine to go to a solitary place like that. It was the pressures of life, the heart breaking words, the rejections, the dejections that took me to the bottom of the mountain. As I sat down beneath a tree, tears rolled down my cheek. As I sat there thinking I was alone and free from all whom I hated, it was not so. All those painful words that were spoken came rushing back to my mind and filled them. Broken totally I just cried out in real pain in a loud voice saying "I hate you" and without missing a beat I got the reply from the mountain "I hate you". Yes it was an echo, an echo of life!!It was then it dawned to my soul that was darkened with hatred and anger that "Whatever you sow you reap" Suddenly a peace filled my heart. I stood up and started walking back home. Yes I ll face the same persons again, but I was not the same. I was determined to sow the seeds of love, forgiveness, and encouragements.

Let Him Talk

Monday, December 04, 2006

Kill it Before it Kills You...

I enjoy reading stories and enjoy much more in narrating them to my friends. Yesterday night I heard a story that opened my eyes to see my “self”. I thought I would share it with you all.

The arena was packed with people. It was a wrestling championship final. People became rambunctious and out of hand as the match entered the last round. At these final moments came the last blow from the 4 times champion that landed powerfully on the opponent. It was a blow of victory to one and a blow a defeat to another. It was a blow of pride. As the opponent collapsed on the ground, the 5th time champion was seated on the mountain of praise. After the celebrations were over, as the champion walked back to his room, he was interrupted by an old man.

“My son congratulations on yours success. You are a good fighter” said the old man. But one thing son the old man continued….Though you have won the championship for the 5th time you are still the second best fighter… he said these words he pointed out to a statue of a ancient fighter and said “He is the first and if he was alive now he would have broken your knees in just one blow……hmmm you’re the second best” Sharing his comments, the old man started walking. Thousands of praise that he had received a few moments ago vanished because of just one statement………As the old man started vanishing from the champions eyes his words got louder than ever in his ears.

That night as the heavy weight champion went to his bed with a heavy heart….he could not sleep. He got up and went to the arena driven by his pride…How could I be the second best he thought. As he came before the statue he started a monologue. Are you a great fighter? Come on fight me. You look like some clown in the circus and you want me to believe you are a best fighter. Have you ever seen me fight?
I am the champion ….I am the champion. Uhh would you break my knee…come on do it. As his volcano of pride started exploding, he caught hold of the knee of the statue and broke it. Alas!! The statue fell on him and killed him!!!!!!!!

Do you think that the statue killed him?? No, it was his pride that really killed him.
Yes my friends pride can kill us!! Pride is hard to diagnose. It is a silent killer.
In the beginning, it was a thought of pride that created the devil and today in your life a thought of pride can create a devil within you. But how can I be humble?? Can reading a book on humility break your pride?? Once someone asked me “What was the last book you read” “Humility” by Peter Wagner I said pride fully. Reading a book can never make you humble. But reviewing the Saviors life Will

Look at the Savior. The hands that shaped the universe wash the feet of the disciples. The Master becoming the Servant. Creator cleansing the creation’s feet. Can’t you hear his voice that says if anyone wants to be a greatest let him be a slave.
Look at Him. Learn from Him. Do you think you have no strength to do that? Lean on Him. He’ll help you… but Kill the pride before it kills you….

Let Him Talk

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Oh the Love of Jesus………….

I actually wanted to write an article on the love of God. As I started thinking about His love I got lost in His love.
Oh How He loves me!!!!!
After 3 hours I still have only two sentences written in my article. Yes !! How can I write about His love that is infinite, boundless, limitless, and unconditional…
The word of God says “…………how wide and long and high and deep
the love of Christ is. All Christians should know that. I ask God that you may know the love of Christ which is more than we can ever know
……(Ephesians 3:18-20)

Nobody can completely explain the love of God.
Any body wants to understand the love of God? I can’t explain that to you……but I can take you to Somebody who can explain God’s love to you. Want to meet Him??
Come let us go for a hike to the mount where He is…. to the mount of skull. Now can you see the three crosses? Fix your eyes on the Cross at the centre. Yes I mean on that disfigured person, at the center. He can explain to you..
Explain what?
The love of God…
But what’s He doing here hanging on the Cross between two thieves…
Explaining the love of God
Explaining the love of God??? But why is He dying?
Still don’t you understand………( Suddenly the conversation is interrupted by a voice that said “It is Finished”)

Did you hear Him?
Yes….but what was finished??
His work
What was His Work?
To pass the message of God that God loves Man and He loves you and me to the extend that He gave His only Son to die for you and me……….Thats Love …love of God
Die for me……..( Selah)……(Turns back and walks……)
Hey where are you going………
He died for me …….. Am going to live for Him!!!!!!!!! was the reply…………

Oh how I love Jesus……….

Let Him Talk