Friday, February 22, 2008

He Was There...

He was there when the water turned wine
He was there when the temple was cleared
He was there when people being baptized
He was there when the sinful women was turned to be a missionary
He was there when diseases were healed
He was there when blind saw, deaf heard, and lame walked
He was there when sins were forgiven
He was there when dead rose back to life
He was there when 5 loaves 2 fishes satisfied 5000 men
He was there when he saw Jesus praying
He was there when he saw Jesus was in Gethsemane
He was there when Peter cut Malchus’s ear
He was there when Christ hung on the tree

John was there.

In all these, you must notice John was THERE!!!

He was there when Christ was exalted and He was there when Christ was executed. He was there ALL the time.

Bible doesn’t mention John’s Doings. But it mentions John leanings.
It mentions that John was there all the time with Jesus. Even when all the other disciples ran and hid, he stood beneath the cross in silence. No Great miracles done, no great sermon preached, no great boasting but just being by the side of Jesus was enough for John.
He loved it and the Lord loved it too.
What a great example for us. We are always focused on DOINGS. We DO and DO and DO.

But have we learned to BE with Him all the time? Have we learned to Love Him?
No matter whatever may be the situation have learned to BE with Him?

Let’s Learn from John today.

Let’s do away with the DOINGS and begin to BE with Jesus.

Don’t you hear Jesus say "You are worried and upset about many things, but ONLY ONE thing is needed?” - Luke 10:41-42

Let Him Talk


Blogger Prabhu said...

Twas wonderful. Keep writing more and more blogs and dont forget to post it to electrika also. :)

10:30 PM  
Blogger Nebeula said...

Hmmm.. true. Nice thought.

9:34 AM  

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