Friday, August 25, 2006



He came down
leaving His throne
To a small town
rejecting His crown

Angels began mourning
because He was their king
But the reason after learning
they began to sing

He was betrayed when kissed
by is own disciple
Who narrowly missed
the great job of apostle

He was beaten and insulted
for our own deeds
By people whose heart never melted
at His loving deeds

He was on His way to Calvary
for the sins of this world
Though His body went weary
never His desire for u went cold

With His hands being nailed
He hung between two thieves
Oh! the one to be hailed
In His indescribable grief

Though He was bleeding
like a lamb that was slain
Following the father who was guiding
never minding His terrible pain

For this very moment
He came down
So He never did lament
nor did He mourn

He gave His soul
into the hands of thy father
Yes! This was His ultimate call
what else could he have down further

The earth began to shake
unable to hold Him
The sun hid its face
convicted to see Him

Through death He won
the ultimate victory!
The is no more power for sin
He made clear the mistery!

- Let HIM talk

Friday, August 18, 2006


Well this is the season of remembering and celebrating friendships. One of the most beautiful relationships in this life is undoubtedly friendship. Friends don’t dictate your life, they share, laugh, cry, fight with you and you love every bit of it. Friendships don’t tie you down like blood ties say parents or spouses. But it is a life time commitment for those who value and treasure friendships. Even years apart, you can still feel the same joy when you meet a friend.

God has blessed me with so many wonderful friends and very often I used to wonder why. In my life, the exclusive slot of my best friend is only for Jesus. Once, I was in a very painful situation, all alone, and a big crowd pouncing on me. I felt so miserable, I fell on my knees, and prayed, “Lord you said I’ll be your friend (John15, 14), now be my only friend. From then on He was my real friend. Believe me , I tell Him all my darkest secrets, cry only to Him, walk with Him, He was with me in the valley of death and till now He has never left me though many times I had been unfaithful to Him. Jesus Himself is my model of how to be a good friend.

You will be surprised to know that Jesus’ special friends were fisher men, tax collectors, drunkards, prostitutes. They loved Him because He did not condemn but He always said, I came to save sinners and only a sick man needs a doctor. When you have Jesus as your friend you will not condemn friends who are addicted but you will show the love of Jesus. That does not mean you should approve of their acts but be a silent witness of the Power of Christ to release them from bondage. I have friends not accepted by the society (who booze and fag etc) they feel comfortable with me, because I do not condemn them and they know that I neither do approve. I have sat with them, struggling through certain bondages and prayed with them and some of my friends have been so miraculously released or healed by the wonderful power of Jesus. I am still praying for many and I firmly believe the Lord will touch their lives and set them free.

So this day, remember your treasured friends pray for them, thank God for them. Don’t commercialize friendship day. Don’t be demanding just let them go, let them come to you when they need you. Above all start a dynamic friendship with Jesus, your quality of friendship with others will drastically improve. There will be an overwhelming love you can never explain.

Dear Jesus on this day I give my hand to your outstretched hand in the eternal bond of your friendship. Be my friend now and forevermore. You are the best friend I can ever have. Thanks for accepting me as your friend. Amen.

- Laura, Trichy

Stones in Our Life

Sam was a civil engineer in a well reputed construction company. He lives with his parents in a well furnished home. But Sam was totally vexed over the things happening around him for past two months. Almost all the days he was cornered by his situations and all of them were critical. His family needs more money, his office needs more productivity, and his friends’ need more time. He was wondering what God was doing over there, letting him suffer like this. He simply not able to bear the pain he was going on. One day he was totally out of control with all the things happening around. He was not even interested in going back to home, so he went to the roof of an unfinished building and started murmuring against God for He has forsaken him. Doing this continuously Sam forgot the time; it was almost 10 pm. Sam started running down stairs and shocked on finding the doors to the ground floor were locked. He realized that security had locked the doors and gone down. He started shouting in full throat and found no response. Suddenly Sam got an idea and ran to the roof top and tried to call the people moving on the road to help him. He also tried some sign languages which he known to communicate. This attempt also failed. After a brief thinking a spark glowed in the mind of Sam. He took a 5 rupee coin threw down to the road so that people walking may turn their attention toward him. Now, a young man down the road find a 5 rupee coin falling before him, immediately he ran towards it and turn around and find no one, so walked happily. Then an old woman, an old man, and a kid did the same thing but no one looked above. Sam was astonished and ridiculed the ignorance of the people. With uncontrollable anger he threw a large brick down the road, now all of them walking in the road immediately looked above and started to shouting against him. Some said he was a mad, some said he was going to die, finally one came and asked what do you want from us? Sam now got his temper back and said he was locked in the upstairs. Then they helped him to get away from there. On the way to home Sam realized one truth, that God allows such stones in our life to remember Him. We often receive blessings from God and forget Him, so we receive very few stones to remember Him.

So let us praise and thank God for all the happenings of our life, it may be joyful or sorrowful never mind, because our God watches over us.