Thursday, April 27, 2006

Trials to Train you for Triumphs

Hi All,

Greeting 2 u in His Mighty Name!!

The following is what I learned as I walked along lifes road and hope it will help u all in some point in ur life. Friends as u have passed thro' a season of suffering and stand beyond it, there ought to be new light in ur eye, a new glow in ur face, a new gentleness in ur touch, a new sweetness in ur voice, a new hope in ur heart and a new consecration in ur life.

Beyond the river of sorrows there is a promised land. No grief 4 the present seems joyous yet afterward it leads 2 blessing. There is a rich possible good beyond every pain and trail. Always remember there r green fields beyond sorrow jordons. God never means harm 2 our life... (recall jer:29:11) our dissappointments r His appointments. Our losses r designed 2 bcom gains 4 us as God plans 4 us. Our Father sends us nothing but good. Sufferings r never alone, they r accompanied with god's message 2 us. We should not fail 2 hear it.It lifts 4 us the veil that hides gods face and we should get some new glimpses of his beauty every time we r called 2 suffer. Remember when things around us r at its worst, God will be at His best. Therefore even when u can't see God's hand holding u learn 2 trust His heart...He is always there. So my friends as paul says in james 1:2, 3 consider it pure joy when u under go trails and understand that our bitter experiences r really the better experiences 2 mould us like the MASTER.


- Let HIM talk